The taking pledge

You have most likely heard of 'the giving pledge': a PR coup created by some obscenely rich people to calm their consciousness. They say that they will give something like 99% of their wealth away.

However, they don’t actually do. What they do is that they start foundations that will work in their interest, and theirs alone. They become little governments. It may be that these foundations will do good. But it also means that people who have accumulated enough wealth to create a powerful foundation are becoming state entities that will shift and influence the life of millions of people who have never asked for it.


Why is it we accept that we are born into a world that is already divided in nations and rights of ownership? Why is it some people are as wealthy as countries while others barely live until they die of hunger or lack of clean water?

We tend to say that we have accomplished the human rights and that we live in a time of civilization. But that is, frankly, BS. Human rights only make sense when all human lives are worth equal. But today they are not. How could they be when some are born into luxury and security while others won't have a second in their lives reflecting about this?


This isn't right.


We all know deep within our hearts that the only way value is created is through work. Do something so that afterwards the world is not the same as before. Build a house: the world now has a house it did not have before. Create a family and give life: the human race has now another valuable member.

But today companies like google and facebook which are barely creating anything are becoming more and more "valuable", banks are making ridiculus amounts of mony through fictional financial products, investors are betting on working people delivering good products that sell good and make more money out of it than ever without doing anything but putting money from one database into another.


All of this, every penny "owned" by Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Google, all the huge banks has been created because actual people have done actual work, or because loving mothers and fathers have taken the time while working a hard real job raising children who then contribute just as well. No digital company, no bank and no investor actually contributes to society as any social worker, nurse, teacher, mother, father does, as the people do contribute to the wealth of the world.


This is why it is time for us to take instead of being thankful for others promising to give. It is not enough. It is time to take what has been ours all the time.

As Ghandi realized, these kind of systems of oppression only maintain because we the people take part in it. We maintain the system by playing the roles designed for us, by not demanding what we deserve.


We need together tothink of ways of how to distribute wealth better. Wealthy people are not the enemy, but they are part oft he problem just as everyone else.


The taking pledge would be one way to redistribute. But it cant stop there. We need incentives for people doing great work, and we need systems for happiness rather than money. 

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